What exactly is time?

Where can it be found?

Some say it is the only resource that is not able to be reproduced. A commodity that is ever running out.

Some say there is plenty of it, while others warn there is never enough.

So, what is it?

To each person, time is different.

While one person is greeted by the morning sun, another is being greeted by the stars.

Once time was understood, a system was produced.

The calendar allowed for the tracking of this theory.

For each day is it’s own, never able to be relived.

Once a person understands, truly understands this concept of time, they will never look it the same.

Slow Is Smooth And Smooth Is Fast

The other morning I found myself wrestling with a collection of plastic grocery bags tangled together in hopes of removing one to pack my lunch with. I was running late that morning and knew I needed to shave some time off my morning routine in order to get to the office on time. As I stood there shaking the mess of bags, I grew more and more frustrated with each unsuccessful attempt. Swearing under my breath I was just about to tear them all to pieces.

Then, it hit me, “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”, I said to myself. I took a deep breath in and slowed the whole thing down. With this brief break in my struggle, I noticed that the knot of bags was due to the handles being tied together. After what seemed like forever, I identified the sole issue that was causing my problem- the damn bags were tied together! Feeling foolish, I easily removed one bag for my lunch and proceeded to the remainder of my routine, rushing to get to work on time.

Point is, slow down when you’re going fast. In a world where speed is top priority, sometimes that very speed is the cause of most problems. When you are in control you are less likely to make mistakes or overlook small, yet important details- like the bags being tied together. Remember, slow is smooth and smooth is fast.