Only bad things happen quickly,…Virtually all the happiness-producing processes in our lives take time, usually a long time: learning new things, changing old behaviors, building satisfying relationships, raising children. This is why patience and determination are among life’s primary virtues.

-Gordon Livingston

January Books

Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss

Normally I would encourage you to check books you’re interested in out at the library but this one is an exception. You are going to want to bookmark pages, circle paragraphs, and make notes in the borders. Not to mention, it’s over six hundred pages long and you’ll find yourself flipping through it’s pages asking yourself, “What did Jocko Wilink say about mental toughness?” or, “What was Charles Poliquin’s supplement recommendation?” Tim is insightful, thoughtful, and asks the best minds in health, fitness, and finance for their advice. Even if you already listen to Tim’s widely popular podcast, you need to get a copy of this book. What’s your spirit animal?

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, Gordon Livingston, M.D.

“I frequently ask people who are risk-averse, “What is the biggest chance you have ever taken?” People begin to realize what “safe” lives they have chosen to lead.” Want to get a real perspective on life? This book had me laughing, pausing for reflection, and emotionally moved. Gordon Livingston holds nothing back in this one. It is a collection of wisdom-filled chapters that you need to read.