How the Library Can Change Your Life

When I say the library, you probably think of using your inside voice, the endless aisles of books and late fees. Well, you need to change your attitude about the library. All it takes is signing up for a library card (usually a $5-10 investment) to open a whole new world.

Every town has one. When is the last time you visited yours? The library has changed a lot since you remember going for story time as a youngster. Yes, there are books, duh it’s a library after all, but there is so much more! The latest DVD releases?-yep! Better cancel that Netflix subscription. Magazines on every topic from brewing your own beer to how to start a sustainable, fruit and vegetable producing garden?- you bet! Passes to your areas hottest attractions and museums?- Got em! Need a quiet place where you can really dive deep into your work and make progress with free wi-fi? You’re not going to get that level of focus at Starbucks. I can go on and on but I don’t want to ruin the surprise you have in store.

What is the point of this whole post? To shout from the roof tops just how great your local library is and how much opportunity it presents.

Even if your library is lacking, it is likely in a network in which you can request other books, movies, and audio books. These networks can include colleges and universities, which means you can be reading the same material students of a MBA program are reading.

I’m the biggest fan of the library and it’s endless opportunity it provides each community member. Sign up for your library card today and thank a librarian!