“The point is, it’s in that What if? that we, paradoxically, find exquisite utility in the useless beauty. In those moments when we put the constant demands of life on hold, just for an hour or so, and allow the dust to settle, we can find that the most meaningful things in our lives are the ones that we loved as children but have shelved. On a long enough timescale, all of our works will diminish. Even the immortal works we produce will turn to dust –– all the art, music, literature, science will one day, be gone. So meaning, true meaning and purpose, are found in the now. The complete immersion and engagement with what you are doing in the moment. And it’s often when we connect back to the now, to the active engagement in something that is deemed useless that we find purpose, drive, excitement and perhaps the next great artwork or startup.”

-John Couch

August Books

The Match, Mark Frost

Take a walk back in time when the professional game of golf was just getting started. Follow along for eighteen holes as Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan take on two amateurs with more than just money on the line. This book brings these two legends, Nelson and Hogan, to life. The two men were trailblazers that turned what current golf fans know as the PGA Tour into what it is today.