You’re Greatest Battle

The greatest battle you will face in your life will never see the light of day, for it will take place inside of you.

It will rage on for years, perhaps as long as you breath.

Everyone fights this battle however, each is alone in their battle.

The enemy? – You.

Some will fight earlier than others. Some will wait until dawn or dusk to fight. Some will have waited too long and look at death in fear.

What lies ahead of the victor? For each it will be different but all will be worthy of the battle.

Who you are to become will be greatly influenced by your focus and determination in this battle. All you hold in your heart relies on your steadfast approach to be able to overcome.

As soon as you are born, the world makes plans for you- tries to influence your decisions, interfere with your charted path.

It takes great belief in order to face such a challenge in the first place.

Many will cower and mask their lack of courage in order to simply fit in with the world’s wishes.

I ask you this question, are you prepared for your greatest battle?

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