Your Highway

There’s a saying in sports that goes like, “the team that makes the least amount of mistakes, wins the game.”

Simple yet likely accurate forecast theory.

If your quarterback throws five interceptions, odds are you will lose the game. If you fumble the ball four times, odds are you will lose the game.

You get the idea.

Many other factors will influence the outcome of the contest but, the number of mistakes made is extremely insightful into predicting a winner.

Same goes for life.

In a scene from the show, Yellowstone, one of the characters explains life to a young man who has found himself in trouble. He explains that a young persons’ life is like a vast, multi-lane highway with unlimited exits. Your possible routes and destinations are almost unlimited. However, as you go further along in life and make poor decisions, those exits begin to disappear and the amount of lanes available to use your blinker and change become limited.

If you view life like I do, a game, making good, solid decisions are a good way to win. Now, this view could be challenged in that if you are always making good decisions, are you really trying hard enough to push the boundaries of what is safe and conservative?

Yes. Therefore, you need to have a balance of risk.

Risk greatly increases the odds of bad decisions occurring. But, without risk, you likely never reach your true potential.

Life is a constant balance, a yin and a yang, push versus pull.

A savings account is a great way to safely maintain your money. Investing in the market is a great way to grow your money but, it will be exposed to risk. The potential to lose it all is on the table, so is the opportunity for it to double every seven years.

As you walk along on your journey, avoiding bad decisions is critical to success, however you define it. Make decisions that lead to better opportunities. Maintain a healthy balance of risk.

May your highway of life be full of options.

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