April Books

Meet the Frugalwoods, Elizabeth Willard Thames

This was a great read on chasing what truly makes you happy in life. A young couple had it all- a great home in the city, high paying jobs, designer clothes but they never really felt happy. One day it came to them, we’re happiest when we are in nature and away from the bright lights and traffic in the city. Adopting a mindset of frugality and simple living, follow along a young family who makes a 180 degree lifestyle change and finds happiness in rural Vermont on a homestead. Personal finance nerds, this ones is for you.

What Makes Sammy Run, Budd Schulberg

I discovered this book via recommendations from Tools of Titans. A fictional story of how to make it in Hollywood. Follow along as a young, ambitious man from New York heads out west to try and make a dent in the film industry. He does that and much more as he climbs the ladder as a writer in film and becomes a big-shot in Tinseltown. The characters are memorable and the story is a winding road to the end.


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