February Books

Zero to One, Peter Thiel

Interested in changing the world with a new business idea that will make you millions? Peter Thiel answers all your questions and provides great insight in how to change the world with your next big idea. Ever wonder how the PayPal founders created such a widely popular and universal online payment platform? Or what it was like to be in Silicon Valley as it became the hub for tech innovation in the late nineties? Pick up this book to feed your inner entrepreneur and pet into the future. 

small is the new big, Seth Godin

If you aren’t already, you need to start reading Seth’s popular blog. This book is a collection of some of his best blog posts over the last several years. Seth sees the world, business, and marketing through creative lenses. He will challenge your views, give you multiple angles to look at and most importantly, make you laugh. I recommend reading this one the same way you attack a a large catering spread- a little here a little there, keep filling your plate. 




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